I “Wonder” What Draws Your Eye…

We had the opportunity and honor to participate in a very cool photography work shop, with a handful of very talented event professionals in the Charlottesville area.



We were all very excited to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people and even more so to have a little fun! In the event industry it is so often about what the client wants. Many of us have so many creative and fun visions that some times do not get realized. Having the opportunity to turn these visions into reality just for the fun of it is so exciting to me!


We had a planning meeting at the newly opened Paradox Pastry and after talking myself out of the most devilishly rich looking brownie I have ever seen and devouring a delicious ham and cheese croissant the group enjoyed the small talk that is rarely afforded us in this industry. Then we discussed plans for the photo shoot, the one thing that was focused upon, since it is for photography, that everything be visually appealing.


Being so intrigued and excited when I returned to my office later that day I sat down and started planning and conceiving what we could do and I wondered what makes something visually appealing?


Here are my thoughts. If you have any other ideas then I would love to hear them!


1) Height: This thought comes from my days spent dancing actually. When learning how to choreograph that is something we heard often. To make a dance more appealing you have to have movement on various planes at various heights. I think this applies just the same to photographs. It is so much more eye-catching if there is something to see on each level.



2) Color: Who doesn’t love color? I know I do! The brighter, the better! But really, we’re going for a summer vibe in these photos so what screams summer more then watermelon and hamburgers! It’s the pinks, greens, yellows, reds…the vibrant colors you just can’t miss!



3) Texture: I love to look at pictures that make me think I can actually imagine how that feels whether it is the soft feel of silk or roughness of burlap or even the cold chills of ice on a hot summer day like it has been lately! These were actually the drinks we used for the photo shop and boy did they look so refreshing! Which was great since it was such a muggy day!



4) Emotion: Maybe I am just being a girl but I LOVE to look at pictures that evoke an emotion right away. They say pictures are worth 1,000 words and the best ones always are. They tell you a story without even using a sound and they speak to your heart.


(Picture by: Audrey Hannah)


Well. These were my thoughts before the photo shoot and let me tell you, these photographers blew me away! It helped that they had a wonderful venue to shoot at Belle Haven and the ladies of Pat’s Florist made it look so lush and gorgeous! And the details…oh the details! I wish I could have used it all and gotten married on the spot! All I can say is Meghan at Shindig Events will definitely be getting a call if I ever get engaged! What wonderful creativity! From the flowers to the colors it all combined so effortlessly and Chef Ryan ended the evening perfectly with a delicious meal for all the photographers! When we announced that the food was ready all the shooting ceased and I can’t blame them after seeing the mouth-watering shots they all got!


I certainly can’t wait to see more but here is a sneak peek to tide you over from Jenn Finazzo Photography.