Executive Bagged Lunches

Having catered in the Charlottesville are for almost 15 years, I understand the plight of the corporate planner. The Catering Outfit has existed in many forms, most recently Shebeen Catering.


We have boxed, bagged and otherwise served up thousands if not tens of thousands of grab and go styled events. The challenge: create portable food that is widely accessible, beautifully and sensibly packaged and labeled, customized (enough), easy to order and budget conscious!


We have sliced and wrapped sandwiches, spent hours at the drawing board, engineered and re-engineered packaging and ordering practices. The end result: simple, fresh and everything I would want in a bag after a morning of meetings, seminars and round table discussions.


If you have been in this business you are familiar with the ongoing internal battle Everycaterer has: satisfy everyone. I know you planners out there experience this daily with challenging environments and diverse guest lists. Enter The Executive Bagged Lunch Program. After many discussions with our valued corporate and University clients, we have combined accessibility, quality and efficient ordering in one place . The Executive Bagged Lunch Program is perfect for smaller groups where guests are making selections or for large groups where planners are making selections. Take a spin around Executive Bagged Lunch Program. We would love to hear your thoughts!